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To Require* or Not? Who Would’ve Thunk?

By Bryan McCaffrey

Internet MarketingWebsite Development

forms to require or not

Anyone who has built or has been involved in building a website is familiar with getting caught up when it comes time to create the contact forms.  How many fields? More or Less? Required or not?  There always seems to be a battle over quality vs quantity.

After all, getting the forms right is critical, so they are definitely worthy of debate. They are the breadcrumb collection mechanism that results in leads, customers, and sales.

The question is…are your forms costing you business?

Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc., an Adobe-certified training company, built and A/B tested the PPC landing pages on the Unbounce landing page platform. All traffic to the page came from PPC ads. Ad copy matched the landing page copy.

The test ran for 10 days.  The only difference between the two versions: Version A had four required form fields. Version B had none, with text telling visitors that “All information is optional.”

Want to see which version outperformed the other by over by 31%?

Take the test yourself here.