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Why We Use Joomla!

By Bryan McCaffrey

Website Development

Joomla! is a unique content management system that gives you all the tools to manage and update your website. It is a cutting-edge CMS that delivers all of the requirements to manage a website yourself, any time, anywhere.



  • From personal blogs to e-commerce solutions
  • Customized modules and components to suit everyone

Ease of Use:

  • Simple easy-to-use interfaces
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Comprehensive user manual provided
  • Online forums available 24hrs with tutorials and help


  • Handles media files, documents, and online content
  • Customized data and product catalogs

Low Cost:

  • No software license
  • Open standards and open source code

While there are a lot of great reasons to use Joomla! for your website, there are many other options out there. We are beginning to see people ask for WordPress-based websites. It is easier to manage than Joomla! (for most people), and it makes up nearly 27% of all websites. That’s a lot!